MacBook Air with M1: best choice for people in Apple ecosystem

The Apple MacBook Air with M1 changes all your mind- definition of a MacBook Air. It still with that iconic wedge design, but Apple Silicon transforms it into a MacBook Pro-level competitor. It’s like the MacBook Air is now in a new era. It has Pro-grade power, which challenges Intel-based Windows PCs.

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General information

  • Price: starts from $990
  • Display: 2560x 1600 pixels
  • Dimensions: 12×8.4×0.6 inches
  • Battery: 14:41 (tested)
  • Memory: 8GB-16GB
  • Storage: 256GB to 2TB
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

I am a potential MacBook Air shopper and can confirm that the new MacBook Air delivers significant performance improvements over its previous models. It also offers more battery life, which is a plus. This MacBook Air with M1 review will demonstrate why it is one of the most popular laptops now.

The majority of apps I have used on my MacBook Air are still versions from Intel. Rosetta 2 is used by macOS Big Sur to translate Intel versions for its ARM-based processor. App developers will be able to create Universal versions of their apps, which will make them run faster on Apple’s silicon systems like the M1-based MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air with M1 is available for around $990, but there are also cheaper options for educational customers. This model features an 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU and 8GB RAM. It also has a 256GB SSD. The most expensive version has 512GB SSD storage.

The MacBook Air with M1 was launched on November 17, 2020. Those who have been waiting might be rewarded. Rumours suggest that the MacBook Air 2022 will have thinner bezels, and MagSafe charging.

If you don’t require a new laptop immediately, you might want to wait a while. Bloomberg reports that a refreshed MacBook Air will be available in the end of 2022.


The MacBook Air’s performance is amazing, thanks to the 16GB RAM and M1 processor. I didn’t notice any hiccups when I divided the screen between 20 Chrome tabs (Intel, but Universal) and a 1080p YouTube clip. I also used Mail and Video apps, and an Intel app. You should also know that 20GB of 4K video was being AirDropped in the background. Everything remained without problems and smooth.


The 8-core GPU configuration of our test MacBook Air is what we feel could transform the Mac’s mind. It was easy to start Minecraft at the native 2560x 1600 resolution. The game ran smoothly.

Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is an older game, was also available at 2560x 1600 and set to Medium graphics. It looked fantastic on the MacBook Air. I had never imagined that a MacBook Air could run such a complex AAA game. Lara Croft performed as expected, no matter if I was exploring the deserts in Syria or climbing an arctic mountain. These games run on Rosetta 2 and are Intel versions.


The MacBook Air with M1 feels and looks exactly the same as the original 2020 MacBook Air. That’s probably the main point. The wedge-shaped machined aluminum chassis is available in space gray, gold, and silver. Apple wants to involve users into its Apple Silicon era. Apple sells the MacBook Air gold, space gray and silver. I prefer gold so much that I wish Apple would offer it on the MacBook Pro.


Apple should have a better-resolution camera for its MacBooks, but they came up with another way to make the MacBook more suitable for the Zoom era. The M1 chip has an image signal processor which makes you look better in several ways.

I put the New MacBook Air’s camera in a face-to-face meeting. My boss was looking at me simultaneously and noticed that the M1-based MacBook Air’s video had better colors. The video quality of other calls I made to the MacBook Air, even though we didn’t have live comparators, was not impressive. This shows that a better camera would be more than welcome.


The M1 MacBook Air features 2 Thunderbolt3 USB4 ports just like its Intel-based predecessor. There is also a headphone socket on the side.


While watching the movies, I noticed the bright pinks, yellows, and blues in the graffiti, along with the greens. The MacBook Air’s Retina screen delivers excellent detail. 

The new MacBook Air’s display also produces 365.8 nits brightness according to the colorimeter. This is slightly lower than the 400-nit estimate by the company. It’s similar to the displays of the Intel-based MacBook Air.

Keyboard and touchpad

This keyboard, as with the 2020 MacBook Air’s early 2020 model, was company’s upgrade. Many complained that the too-short Butterfly-switch keys were difficult to use and could stick to small debris or dust.

The MacBook Air’s Force Touch trackpad, which measures 4.8×3.2 inches and is made of glass, allows for precise input recognition and smooth scrolling. Apple continues to replace clicks with haptic feedback, which seems to be a successful decision (though I prefer it the old way).


The MacBook’s incredible endurance and astonishingly fast speed combine to make it a great laptop. The new MacBook Air could be 5-star worthy if it had more ports and smaller bezels. The new MacBook Air is the best choice for those who work and live in the Apple ecosystem.

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